Apple 24″ Black iMac ?

September 7th, 2006

… would not it be nice to see it in black ? Well, the Macbook is, so why can’t iMac be ? black imac Because Steve says so. And it’s fine for me. The man is in (good) charge. This was a fast edited image to see the look in the line up.

Would you pay another $500 for 1GB extra RAM, 128MB extra Video, black paint, and Leopard upgrade, all in the package ?

Anyway, 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo rocks fast for sure. 1.5x faster is a good number.

5 Comments to “Apple 24″ Black iMac ?”

  1. Anton Josh said:

    That’s a very good job.
    I’d buy one for sure. As for specs thei’re getting pro.

  2. pedro said:

    Thanks. In fact, as DIGG’ed, ( colors have originally been the in the basis of it’s success. Now, white is cool. But black is cool too. Let’s wait for Macworld ‘07.

  3. Savadeep Speaks! » The color of a computer case, it matters not! said:

    […] It was of a few minutes ago that I was a reader of this short article that is the considerer of a 24″ Apple iMac in the color of black. A most interesting idea it is, but to the mind of me, it has but little matter. […]

  4. David Beenken said:

    I want one . . . NOW!

  5. SR said:

    They haven’t reached the retail stores in Chicago yet…

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