Abiword saves th'day

September 23, 2006 by pedro mota

a call from a friend asking for some help on a Word doc recovery. That’s how it started. On a 300km train travel, working important docs on a laptop makes the journey happen in a twist. But when adding non redimensioned images to it makes Word crash and take away the file, well, things go ugly. I received a 530MB sized *.wbk file. MS Word could not open it. After a while, everything crashed. I tried Open Office. Well, a strange error, and no results. I came back to Linux. 15 minutes in Windows is just too much damn time. Back in Linux, tried once again with Open Office gettin’ no results. Then, before hacking into the file i remembered i frequently use Abiword. I just like it. Very simple and light. I opened AbiWord, followed by a terminal window with a:\r\n\r\n$ top -d2\r\n\r\nrunning, and waited. Abi process started consuming processing time, memory, OS and computer resources. Who doesn’t like to watch geeky processes running ? Ok, after some 2 or 3 minutes that was it. Abiword recovered the file, plus the images. Sweet. Little Abiword is the best! By the way, Gnome 2.16 is out. Give it a look on new features. I am a happy Gnumeric, Abiword, Gimp (hope pfig’s not reading this one), Evolution, Gnome user. I like Gnome integration. OpenOffice is of course for heavy duty stuff, but today, well, today Abi made my day.

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