Apple in Japan

March 31, 2007 by pedro mota

from O’Reilly MacDevCenter, an interesting interview with Nobi, with interesting facts:\r\n…\r\n\“The research took about a year, and when they were done, their conclusion was that Macintosh would be the best platform, but with one condition: If Apple could keep the swap files encrypted, the bank could use the Macintosh. So the reason that Macs can do that now is because Aozora requested that Apple add that feature.\“\r\n…\r\n\“The reason they needed to net boot relates to the way public universities now operate in Japan, which has changed just recently. Mostly because a new lack of funding, the entire computer infrastructure at Todai now has to be managed by just two or three people. They have some others helping here and there, but use only two or three core people to support two campuses, which are very far away from each other. That’s why they needed a centralized solution. I heard that in this case also there are some features in Mac OS X that were implemented because of Todai’s requirements.\“\r\n…\r\n\“Yes, it is very advanced. So much so that whenever I leave the country I feel so frustrated. At my home, for example, I have a symmetric 100Mbps fiber-optic connection–I actually get about 40-60Mbps from it. And that costs me about $40/month. With it I can, for example, play back from my office a DVD that’s mounted on my home server.\“\r\n

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