Debian CUT

July 3, 2008 by pedro mota

Joey Hess proposed some months ago an interesting slight realign for the Debian release model. Basically he proposes the formation of a team to ensure a Constantly Usable Testing (CUT) allowing for some (lots of) users to have access to a well formed and current packaged version of… Testing. CUT would enforce that Testing should be installable at all times, giving fast answers on how to deal with bugs (fix fast or drop package), security (fix fast or track for user to deal (hey, it’s Testing)), etc.\r\n\r\nCUT does not mean Testing_is_tha_new_Stable (policy used by Google, Yahoo, etc, labeling everything as Beta), but it’s a fact that Desktop Debianists are going more and more for the latest packages that populate Testing. One can say: \“so go get Ubuntu, you get all the fancy stuff there, and you can even go for Ubuntu+1… and every 6 months you have the right, by promise, to a new release\”. True, after all they are related, as familly. But lot’s of Debianists are using and maintaining Debian Stable servers and using Testing on their laptops (yes, OSX too) and desktops for the everyday computing.\r\n\r\nMe ? Love Ubuntu, have Feisty partition, have Gutsy on ISO, but Debian Etch speed makes my day. I live on the Etch ;)\r\n

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