Gist from Vim

November 20, 2009 by pedro mota

Some things are pure smartness: Gist integrated with Vim by the use of vimscript for gist by Yasuhiro Matsumoto.

For reference:

  • :[from],[to] Gist -p # post lines (from, to) to gist privatelly
  • :[from],[to] Gist # post lines (from, to) to public gist
  • :Gist [xxxxx] # edit gist xxxxx
  • :Gist -l # lists my gists
  • :Gist -k # lits gists from all

I used Paul Dixon’s Paste bin when needed, specially by its simple interface and good highlighting features. Very good.

But Gist makes me able to store my gists on my own account.

Quite nice

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