June 12, 2008 by pedro mota

god.pt is well described here, @ karlus.

We and some more fine guys will be focusing on Gathering of Developers in our city, Porto::Portugal::Europe. We’ll be doing presentations (mostly but not only technical ones), debating ideas, working together hopefully on projects, networking and building business (well, one of the first meetings was partially dedicated to push Nuno sysadminin’ skills to start a \“pro\” hosting company). Barcamp, First Tuesday, TechMeet, we’ll be having a bit of ‘em all. The starting group talks Python (Nuno), Ruby (me and Mario), media and communication (Carlos), Php (and domain registering savoir-faire ;) Karlus), and guess what: we’re all on Twitter, like godevel is.

The developers part of GOD isn’t restricted to code_monkeys. We speak business, startup’ing, venture capital, economy, talks (long or lightning), beer, unix, languages, hw, sw, media, web, web, web, servers, life, laptops, frameworks, gossip, gadgets, working environments, projects, code, code, scripts, threads, scaling, architectures. We’ll be focusing less on ideas, more on work. Implementations. On doing it.

I look forward a code_day in wich we’ll be coding for ourselves/others under a strong networking environment, during wich lightning-talks will hopefully rise.

More to come soon… As for now, I’m fighting threads and forks in Ruby…

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