Google's Gmail chat log

September 4, 2006 by pedro mota

Well, as a Linux/Gaim(IM)/Jabber and Gmail user i verified today an odd thing. When opening my Gmail account, i saw in the new \“chat\” area my private Gaim conversations archived, since Feb.8.\r\nA few hours ago, when logging again into Gmail I was asked for a chat option to save or not my conversations. Well, what does this mean ? It seems obvious my conversations have been being saved for days, without my knowledge. Even not using Gmail to do those conversations. I was using an external app, Gaim, using Jabber XMPP protocol. So, i contacted those persons who i chatted with and they found it odd too. Odd to say the least…\r\nSo this means logging has started prior to service presentation and save/not_save option. But i insist, those conversations where not taken using Gmail, but and independant IM (Instant Messaging) application, GAIM under Jabber (XMPP) protocol. And they where logged and saved.\r\nThe thing is, if one wants to gain trust, must act in a \“non odd way\”.\r\nTrust is not easy to obtain and terribly easy to loose. Most Gmail users wont mind, but some of them will. Reminds me… \“we shall do no evil\”.”

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