Leica M8

September 17, 2006 by pedro mota

The LEICA M8 is the first classic digital camera Made in Germany.

Kodak KAF-10500 sensor: \“This was developed specifically for the M8 with offset microlenses to help reduce the effect of vignetting due to severely off-perpendicular light towards the corners of the frame (especially when using wide angle lenses)\”.

  • solid metal housing manufactured from a magnesium alloy
  • Adobe DNG technology has been chosen as the future-proof raw data format as it guarantees safe archiving for the long term
  • full compatibility with virtually all M lenses
  • maximum sensitivity settings of up to ISO 2500
  • electronic metal-blade slotted shutter for exposure times of up to 18000
  • deliberately dispenses with multifunction keys and nested menus. All the main settings are made in clearly structured menus on the bright 2.5\” display. For detailed quality control \“on location\”, RGB histogram and clipping warning can be used on even the finest details of the subject
  • modern metal-blade slotted shutter for fast flash synchronization times down to 1250 second
  • the Leica viewfinder system allows the photographer to see his subject in the lighting conditions as they are, even outside the frame
  • the metering basis for the Leica M is the range finder, whose performance is always the same, irrespective of the lens (not like SLR’s) and allowing considerably smaller lenses than an equivalent SLRs.
  • EUR4200 including German VAT makes it about GBP2950 in the UK including VAT, and about US$4500 + tax… is being unofficially spread… pro gear…

I imagine an Olympus OM-1D, or a Pentax SpotMaticD. Would be great, as for a Nikon FM3D.

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