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October 30, 2008 by pedro mota

…next in line are 3 web apps that will me made entirely in Ruby with the help of Why’s very light yet functional Camping, the 4 Kbyte microframework.\nCamping lacks things, and its Markaby is a bit slow compared to RoR’s Erb, but the approach taken by _Why looks very interesting for its simplicity.\n\nI changed the DB connector, not to use the standard SQLite but PostgreSQL, done very rapidly in the dispatch.rb file:\n\nCamping::Models::Base.establish_connection :adapter => 'postgresql', :host => 'localhost', :port => xxxx, :database => 'camping_db', :username => 'of_course', :password => 'you_wish'\n\n

free oss:

Lib’s to pay closer attention:

  • lib/camping/fastcgi.rb
  • lib/camping/session.rb
  • ib/camping/db.rb


  • Camping::Views
  • Camping::Session
  • Camping::Controllers
  • Camping::Controllers::ServerError
  • Camping::Controllers::NotFound
  • Camping::Helpers · Camping::Base
  • Camping::Models
  • Camping::Models::Session
  • Camping::FastCGI
  • Camping::Mab (for the Markaby(Markup as Ruby)) rdoc here
  • Camping::Reloader
  • Camping::H

I’ll add more stuff now on… Of course the intention is making the effort for Camping to gain traction in the web scene. Model-View-Controller, is it to last ?

humm… i’m giving a look on Catalyst, but now its Ruby, not Perl time… for me.

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