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December 9, 2007 by pedro mota

Melo will be focusing on git\r\n\r\nOnce you get used to git, you won’t be needing \“anything else\” to maintain your code. Git is gaining more and more traction, now that bigger (distributed) projects (or parts of them) are running away from other scm’s into this one (Gnome ?, Kde, …). CVS, SVN user base is still huge, though. From the questions at Google Tech Talks, seems that Google has a very centralized && protected development environment, wich is not that strange attending to their business core and innovative material under maintenance/production (they shut the camera/video down sometimes due to their non disclosure politics). That kind of environment, generally speaking, seems to fit for git usage, since it does ssh and its built-in cryptographic authentication of history ensures revisions purity.\r\nHe added a Randal Schwartz video also at Google, in addition to the Linus one i referred here a while ago (the last time i saw Randal, he was talking about the wonders of Smalltalk at #git :-) in a very interesting debate)\r\n\r\n[append]\r\npfig first-try screencast on git. well done.\r\n[append]\r\nto wrap up, this podcast, on Floss (not that) Weekly, a talk between the gitster (maintainer) Junio Hamano, Leo Laporte and Randal.

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