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January 15, 2009 by pedro mota

3 or 4 new projects ahead. One of them will be  CouchDB and Merb (no DataMapper, no ActiveRecord).

The db schema is modeled by each user and upon criteria decisions.All of them Git managed, as been doing for the last year. Served by a Debian based Linux distro, coded under Debian, UNR (my lovely little netbook), and OSX mainly in Ruby 1.8.7. Production server structure not defined yet but development phase will be Mongrel. May implement a very simple queuing system for a specific need. Very likely use of AWS (not SimpleDB) for the sake of _simplicity_ . Editor ? Vim.None of this is of great interest for the project itself of course. I’ll be queuing 2 or 3 of them, in paralel with the main one. As in everything, time management is almost everything to GTD. Must. repeat. this. always.

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