Reinvigorate and Google Analytics

January 16, 2008 by pedro mota

Started using Reinvigorate for about a month now. On a fast comparison with Google Analytics new interface, i will problably be using Reinvigorate a lot, since i don’t run Ads. Analytics is very complete, but Reinvigorate is beautifull, easy, well organized, until now very fast and… we are neighbours at (mt) MediaTemple, heh. The motto is: measure. analyze. evolve. Name Tags funcionality allows you to track who your visitors are, with some javascript code.\n\nBoth get activated by placing some lines of javascript code on the site(s) to manage. Becomes handy to manage severall sites under a single account.\n\nGoogle Analytics for sure is a trully web app. All that javascript is cool, the design has nothing to do with past (recent) google, heh, there are very interesting graphs and views, that window moving feature gets very handy to remove things that don’t matter, and it is offered the possibility to add items to the dashboard. If you are in the Adwords business, go straight to Analytics. Site usage, goal conversions (you define goals), clicks with visits, impressions, costs, ctr, cpc, rpc, roi, margins, you pick up.\n\nGeolocation: Reinvigorate uses of course Google Maps API, and the first impression for the way they present info over Google Analytics, based on simplicity, is good. Analytics zooms, detailing from map overlay to continent, region, country, state, city your visitor is in. Once again, the detailed info is huge at Analytics, since most of the info is segmented \“by zoom\”. Reinvigorate zooms the well known Google Maps and identifies the place the visitor is in, its operating system, IP and browser.\n\nExporting data to PDF, XML, CSV, TSV is another Analytics good issue. Combine this with instant or scheduled emailing capability and we have marketing people happy.\n\nGoogle is focusing on delivering more and more professional apps for the average user. But… there are other companies out there doing good things. I tend to like small companies.\n\nSegmentation and Goals are mottos for Analytics.\nSimplicity and good design are a plus on Reinvigorate.

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