Second Life NMC symposium

October 10, 2006 by pedro mota

This post could be gazillion lines long to describe this world. Better try by yourself. I have meetings, attend symposiums, see expos., have fun, meet peolple, ride my hoovercraft, sail on boats, fly…\r\n\r\nThis week, New Media Consortium* will present a symposiym at their island, Learning. Live videos, wikis, chat, etc. They have a fantastic place in SL.\r\nTechnologically SL is awsome. About 1500 (growing) computers to manage land and \“sims\”. If you walk to a new area, your \“state\” is passed to a new machine that deals that land area and all the simulations happening there. Nice to run SL from a terminal to see you steping to another machine IP. The Linux client is very good and totatlly stable.\r\nThe LSL scripting language is to be changed to Mono.\r\n\r\nI have some photos of mine here.\r\n\r\nIf you step by, say hi: I belong to NMC Members group and the Rubyists group. We have Ruby meetings (where you actually learn, see my flickr photos) 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. I’ll take you on a boat sail.\r\n\r\n* NMC is an international 501©3 not-for-profit consortium of nearly 200 leading colleges, universities, museums, corporations, and other learning-focused organizations dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies”

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