switter: ruby twitter shell client

February 5, 2007 by pedro mota

been having some fun coding a twitter client for the *nix shell in (pure) ruby.\r\nSoon will post source file for anyone to play with it.\r\nCool libraries used, include:\r\n\r\nrequire 'net/http'\r\n require 'rexml/document'\r\n require 'optparse'\r\n require 'yaml'\r\n\r\nConfiguration file created for user defs;\r\nCommand line switches prioritized over config. file;\r\nTimeline options;\r\nWorking now on a minimal (shell) UI, message posting and message updatings.\r\nTried out severall shell escapes for color, but bold is default option. Maybe will create 2 more switches for color picker, storable on configuration file.\r\n\r\nLot’s of Twitter apps are rising. Mainly desktop, but some command line too.\r\nA few more hours and that’s it. Then, add to the Twitter Fan Wiki :)

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