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February 21, 2007 by pedro mota

… well the name reminds Brad Choate’s Textmate blogging bundle :) Brad is an excellent developer and like me, was once a Delphi (Borland great product) developer. I based this on his Textmate work. I’m coding a Vi / ViM / GViM script for a plugin that has some nice results already, exclusively for geek bloggers. Brad’s bundle has a very nice image automation/integration that this one won’t have. SSH images to the server then manually link to them.\r\n\r\nSome of the features/ideas/facts include:\r\n\r\n- vimblog.vim file including directives, function and ruby script (VIM:: class)\r\n- syntax highlighting: different between vi/vim and gvim (richer color handling);\r\n- XMLRPC access to blog;\r\n- exception handling in ruby script and vi function script\r\n- categories insertion freedom\r\n- buffer selection\r\n- is being tested for Wordpress xmlrpc using mt.calls\r\n- future: multiple blog / user definition (via switch); window selection;…\r\n- Vi command line usage definition as:\r\n\r\n:Blog option [*args]\r\n\r\n- switches:\r\n- rp [x] => show recent [x] posts\r\n- np => create a new post\r\n- gp [id] => get complete post with id [id]\r\n- publish => publish an edited/new post\r\n- draft => save edited/new post as draft\r\n\r\nHope to release it real soon. I need it to my own usage (remember Kathy Sierra ?).\r\n\r\nScreenshot test for Recent Posts list with syntax highligh.\r\n\r\nFrom the site:\r\n\“VIM stands for Vi IMproved. Most of VIM was made by Bram Moolenaar, but only through the help of many others. Vim is charityware. Its license is GPL-compatible, so it’s distributed freely, but we ask that if you find it useful you make a donation to help children in Uganda through the ICCF\“

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