We know about Internet Explorer

September 12, 2006 by pedro mota

we just don’t like it much\” It’s a small post, but very meaningfull by Frederico (Fred) Oliveira from Webreakstuff. I totally subscrive it. It’s about how Goplan does not work well on Internet Explorer 6 because it (IE6) does not respect standards. I wrote severall times about this. Now, Fred, even IE7 is not going to be very standard respectfull. But at least it can render .PNG (web standard) images. As for positioning and dimensions… let’s wait and see. I know you know this and i do have the same perfect answer: get firefox. or any other much better standard compliant browser. As an example i use Gnome Epiphany as much as Firefox. Goplan renders great under Gecko engine.\r\n\r\nBy the way, thanks for the Goplan invite. Great app. And great dev team: i reported 3 items and in less than 24H two where corrected. Keep the good work. Now, when will the \“business model\” go public ?

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