Web life in tech

September 4, 2006 by pedro mota

People’s life integration with the web is evolving in an unprecedented way. With the appearance of social web services to manage photos, ideas, news, thoughts, etc, a vast number of people are dedicating more and more of their life to public it on the net. Even companies are seeing these services as a way to bring them down to a level that the costumer can see the real persons, as humans, inside the company and not only the brand. To take an example, Yahoo’s Flickr (www.flickr.com) is being used by companies to make available life inside, to everybody. Can even serve as an appeal for the \“come work with us, it’s great!\”.\r\nSo this may not have a huge impact right now, but for the next years (who can talk about generations nowadays?) people will start culturally thinking different. If i am living in Porto, Portugal, e can have a much better idea of how it is to work in L.A., USA, by browsing these companies, reading their blogs, by seeing their day-to-day. Globalization ? Absolutely! In a pure sense. Approach ? Absolutely! The risk of cultural melting is not quite new. Let’s not forget society is evolving for more then internet explode time of 15-20 years. The internet is not the only cause for cultural alienation. Culture evolves, new cultures appear, some other disappear. Good or bad, now there are digital ways to preserve some of those. Building pyramids was proved to be another very good way. The key to preserve good things alive is based on simple tasks using good sense. Humanity has a natural gift to forget rapidly.\r\nSometimes history is too complex and ancient to be kept alive. So let’s make a good use of these emerging technologies to teach each others beautiful things.

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