Wonders of Opera browser

September 4, 2006 by pedro mota

As an ancient Opera (http://www.opera.com) user who stopped using it some years ago, i managed to rediscover the wonders of it. it is really an excellent product. I would easily classify it as a superior product to the Mozila suite. when getting to the download area of the site, your operating system is detected and the unique question is the version/distribuiton of it. My linux box has Fedora Core 4. I selected it \“et voilá\“! 4.1MiB of RPM download. Double-click installation and its part you you. I immediately created an email account. Very easy. the email starts to download after inserting the server, login, name and email info. When getting email you have a progress bar, interesting when you receive lots of email. First wonder: it detects mailing lists for you; separates them in a special Mailing-list area; with a single click you have a filter for those messages. Very good! When visiting a RSS enabled \“site\” you are presented with a small RSS icon. Just a click and you are subscribed to recive the feeds on a special area: Newsfeeds area! Wonder 2! Attachments are separated too. Labeling function. Very good icon representation for special things. I’ll check it for spam behaviour. Attractive design: Wonder 3. Skin enabled for your taste. Very good Bookmarks/Mail/Comtacts/Notes/Transfers/History/Browsing integration. And the Links area let’s you see all the available links on a page. Might be handy. Speed: very good page rendering speed. Very good rendering quality. Spelling function. The main menu is very reduced font, which is well thought. You get all the maximum available space area to see content. In short, give them a try! I’ll stop my Firefox/Epiphany browsing for a while. Even Evolution mail will be read in Opera for this while. Very good product. I recommend it!

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