Yet another day...

September 4, 2006 by pedro mota

I am now awake for almost 24 hours. Most of the time was spent with my beloved daughter and this laptop. I spent a good portion of my working day updating to a new release of Ubuntu Linux. This one is still in \“Beta\” phase, but i could not wait more. So I’m typing this over Ubuntu Linux 6.04 Dapper Drake. The installation of it was really simple and fast. Three or four clicks include operating system install, productivity suite (office) install, web, network, graphics and pro-tools install. Fast and easy. Everything very well packed into a single cdrom, ready to run, updated later from the web. Now, my fine tuning consumes lots of resources. Several hours trying to understand how USB works. My Internet connection is a wireless EVDO one, and a kernel module has to be patched for the speed to be better. Well, they say 1,4Mbps… maybe in the next one or two years…I must say this is really a good GNU/Linux distribution. Mark Shuttleworth, the guru behind Ubuntu, proposed for the official release to be out 6 weeks later than planned. Well, i see it as a responsible act. In this fast world, where every delay means waste of money, having the sense to propose such, means a real good posture in software development and respect for users. Ubuntu Linux has a 6 month new release agenda. I believe this will be the first time, if the delay goes forward, it happens. But Mark wants Dapper Drake to be a real good release. So, has seen in the development forums for this version, everyone is writing: so, be it! I feel really good to be a part of this community.\r\n\r\nGNU/Linux is an excellent operating system kernel, heart. There are excellent GUI’s (graphical user interface) sitting on it. I am a GNOME user. Simple, effective, humanized, well assembled, very well integrated. I will install XFCE too. Even more simpler, faster and very nice to work with. Not so complete like GNOME, mas has its space and personality. Ubuntu will launch a special release, based on this GUI. So, in my case, i went towards Ubuntu some years ago, but for my wonder, Ubuntu is coming to me, to meet my preferences, my needs, my expectations. As a Fedora Core user too, i see Ubuntu as something with great value and being extremely well taken care of. Slowly it will gain lot’s of respect in world operating system use statistics.\r\n\r\nFirewall with IPTables up. Anti-virus… none. The best anti-virus is good sense.\r\n\r\nI considered trying Sun’s Solaris, but I’d be getting lots of problems in this laptop. Better do it on the HP desktop. Will be a long day too. And that will be nice… As i wrote in a previous post, web life in tech is fun. Let’s make it meaning full too.

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