Zeldmans web1.0 vs web2.0

October 29, 2006 by pedro mota

Zeldman.com posts a funny article about what Web 2.0 concept may mean in different days, like in the case of The Economist’s coverage of Google and YouTube.\n\n\”[…] Clearly ‘Web 2.0’ means different things to different journalists on different days. Mostly it means nothing—except a bigger paycheck. […]\”\n\nThe fun part is the Web1.0 vs Web2.0 examples from him and from the… 513 comments:\n\nWeb 1.0: Joshua Davis on the cover of Art News.\nWeb 2.0: 37signals on the cover of Forbes.\n\nWeb 1.0: Site under construction\nWeb 2.0: Beta\n\nWeb 1.0: Webmail 2mb storage\nWeb 2.0: Webmail 2gb storage\n\nWeb 1.0: You and I\nWeb 2.0: Us\n\nweb 1.0: Published standards and browsers that don’t support them\nweb 2.0: “De-facto” standards by browsers that don’t support 10-year old standards.\n\nWeb 1.0: Bring the web into our lives\nWeb 2.0: Bring our lives into the web\n\n…and someone posts this flame:\n\nWeb 1.0: Solaris\nWeb 2.0: Linux\n\n

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