Disparition de Guy Decoux

September 25, 2009 by pedro mota

This is a small post to remember a great ruby programmer.

Ruby France announced Guy Decoux \“disparition\“:

“He was part of the generation of developers who switched from Perl to Ruby in the 90s. While his mastering of Perl was already great, his knowledge about Ruby was so deep and impressive that a lot of Rubyists would have been very happy to have the same one.”

Announcement at ruby-talk where we can see lots of appreciation and recognition for Guy’s work.

_why has a wonderfull post and drawing at Hackety.org.

The following paragraph from _why’s post: “You’ll hear a lot of people say that we didn’t know who he was. That no one met him. But we all read alot of his code. And clearly that was how he wanted us to know him. Think of how that stands in such sharp contrast to the self-advertisement and vanity journalism of the Web today. We knew him, just not in the way we’re used to.”

Guy’s work in ruby-core libs lives inside the machines we daily operate. Goodbye Guy Decoux.

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